Dec 182014

I recently got hold of a CubieTruck / Cubieboard 3 (think Raspberry Pi but on steroids) and ordered the LiPo backup battery to go with it (available from New IT in the UK, if you were wondering). Aside from just how fabulous the Cubieboard is (running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS no less), it also has a built-in battery backup for when the power goes out. This can, without a SATA HDD/SSD attached, power the Cubieboard for many hours. Even with a SATA attachment, it’ll ride out most power blips, burps, minor outages and power-plug moves. 

But there is no built-in intelligence to it. It runs until the battery dies, and then your system dies with it. That’s pretty much the same as not having a backup battery at all in an extended outage and you aren’t around to notice. It just delays your file system corruption rather than prevents it. 

So I wrote CubieUPS one evening. It’s a simple pair of scripts, run via cron (for extra points, run the same PHP script in your .profile as well and it’ll show you the current power status without you having to even do anything at all). It logs everything, and when things are looking a little dicey, it’ll shutdown your system cleanly. 

It’s quite straight forward. You can view the source code, installation instructions and download the tarball here.

  2 Responses to “CubieUPS – A UPS For the CubieTruck/Cubieboard3 Backup Battery”

  1. Champion. I’m about to move my Cubietruck to a friend’s house for off-site backups, but I don’t trust his housemates to not pull the power on it. This is *exactly* what I was looking for. Thanks so much!

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