Mar 012011

Since moving to Brighton at the end of last year, I’ve been taking photos of my new City. Brighton and Hove is one of the more photogenic cities that I’ve visited; the buildings, people and features are incredibly diverse and open to so much interpretation that can be well-captured in photography.

I post maybe 0.1% of the photos I take to Facebook. 50% ends up in my Picasa Galleries, and the other 50% are either just interesting to me, or are not quite good enough to publish. Either way, that other 50% sits on my computer alone. The absolute best of the best and of potential public interest get posted on my photoblog Sussex in Focus. I’ve set up a page on this blog that lists all the different places you can find my ‘work’.

Click any for a full-size image..

This image ^ featured on Sussex in Focus 01/03/2011

This image ^ features on Google Maps for my Starbucks branch

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